APSV Comptables Professionnels Agréés Inc. was founded in June 2011 by four partners, including Caroline Pombert, CPA, and Sébastien Vandal, CPA. 1

From the beginning, APSV has specialized primarily in not-for-profit organizations (community organizations, childcare centres, foundations, federations, associations, etc.). APSV mainly offers financial statement auditing services, but we also offer review engagement services, financial statement compilation, tax services, accounting assistance, and support and training services. APSV is experiencing sustained growth and is continually expanding its team with competent people who are passionate about auditing and the NFPO sector.

Since September 30, 2014, following a restructuring, APSV has been under the leadership of Caroline Pombert and Sébastien Vandal in order to continue its primary mission of serving not-for-profit organizations with the utmost passion and thoroughness.

On January 1, 2016, APSV welcomed Anouar Kebaili, CPA Auditor, as a partner. As a result, APSV broadened its field of activities by creating a new department to serve our clientele of SMEs, social economy enterprises, and individuals, particularly in the artistic, cultural, private daycare, food service, travel agency, and construction company sectors.

APSV returned to four-partner management in November 2017 when Roxane Dussault, CPA Auditor, joined the management team to be in charge of organizational dynamism. Roxane Dussault makes sure that we keep people at the heart of our priorities.

Our mission

  • To act as auditors by providing quality financial information that allows our clients to make informed decisions in compliance with the requirements of funders, lenders, and government authorities.

  • To support community organizations, SMEs, and social economy enterprises in carrying out their development projects and to provide our clients with guidance to foster the sustainability of their organization.

  • To assist our clients throughout the year, through training and assistance in resolving accounting, tax, and governance issues (including internal control).

Our vision

  • Our goal is to become the undeniable leader in the NFPO and social economy sector, and thus offer organizations in this sector an inexhaustible source of reference in terms of financial information and providing training to make this information understandable.

  • Our multi-disciplinary team is constantly striving to deepen its knowledge to help our clients meet the challenges they face and provide services to the community.

  • Developing a service adapted to entrepreneurs while maintaining a client-focused approach.

Our values

  • Give our clients comprehensive guidance and provide a turnkey service.

  • Offer made-to-measure services adapted to the needs of our clients.

  • Emphasis on human relations in our dealings with clients as well as with our team members and partners.

  • Ensure that we have the skills required to provide quality financial information that meets both client needs and current professional standards.


Sébastien Vandal
CPA Auditor, Partner

A chartered professional accountant since December 2004, Sébastien has nearly 15 years of audit experience, including 12 years in the NFPO sector.

His studies and varied fields of interest (two-years of university-level study in history, DCS in architectural technology) allow him to take a unique approach to accounting and auditing.

Since the fall of 2012, he has co-authored, with Ms. Caroline Pombert, the Quebec CPA Order’s model audit file for private NFPOs, in addition to serving as a co-facilitator of training activities for his colleagues.

He enjoys working with community organizations because he believes he is not only helping them achieve their objectives but also helping to improve society in general.


Responsible for the protection of personal information. vieprivee@apsv.ca

Caroline Pombert
CPA Auditor, Partner

A chartered professional accountant since 2006, Caroline has nearly 14 years of audit experience. Over the years, she has held various positions at different firms, in areas ranging from professional standards to training (including work as a student-teacher and part-time lecturer in accounting at HEC Montréal).

Since 2012, she has been a member of the technical working group on NFPOs, has co-authored the model audit file for private NFPOs with Mr. Sébastien Vandal each year, in addition to serving as a co-facilitator of training activities for the Quebec CPA Order.

Her various experiences have allowed her to broaden her vision, and her choice to work with not-for-profit organizations is justified by her desire to help improve their financial information and by her aspirations to contribute to a better world.


Anouar Kebaili
CPA Auditor, Partner

A chartered professional accountant since 2012, Anouar has nearly 15 years of experience in assurance, taxes, financial management, and implementation of accounting systems and control systems. Over the years, he has worked at a firm of chartered professional accountants, mainly as an auditor and assurance manager.

He has gained experience in many areas, including show production, and film and television production, tax credits and cost reporting, financial management and preparation of sector-specific financial statements for Aboriginal communities, as well as assurance and taxes for SMEs and individuals.

In January 2016, he joined the firm as the partner in charge of the private companies and individuals department, on matters of assurance, taxes, and consulting.


Roxane Dussault
CPA Auditor, Partner

A chartered professional accountant since 2004, Roxane worked at a large firm for over 13 years. Over the years, she acquired solid experience in public and quasi-public entities, as well as not-for-profit organizations.

She joined APSV in 2015 and became a partner in 2017. She is passionate about people. Thus, she can fully exercise her passion as the person in charge of organizational dynamism and by establishing relationships of trust with her clients.

She perfectly embodies APSV’s core values of providing exceptional service to exceptional people and building a strong team where cooperation and support allow everyone to find their place and thrive.


Jimmy Kotsambouyoukas
CPA Auditor, Shareholder

Graduated Vanier College with first class honours in the Commerce program (1998). Completed the Bachelor of Commerce in the Honours Accounting Program (2001) and the Chartered Accountancy Program (2003) at McGill University.

Started his career in 2001 and obtained his Chartered Accountant designation in 2003. He has over 20 years of experience in taxation of small and medium-sized corporations and its owner-manager, financial planning, Trusts, and Estates.

From 2011-2020, he managed the CPA firm of a sole practitioner in addition to performing his professional duties. He joined APSV in September 2020. Upon termination of operations in 2021 of his prior employer, he transitioned most of its clients into APSV, where he continues to serve them with the dedication they have been accustomed.

He became a shareholder of APSV in January 2022 and he remains committed to his clients’ success, and always takes the time to listen and understand each client’s needs before he provides an appropriate solution.


  1. We thank Youcef Ait Abdelsam, CPA as well as Hacene Sahnouni, BAA for their contribution to the foundation of APSV.